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Full Moon Holly Circle: July 23, 2021 1-4 EDT Circle to be held IN PERSON at the beautiful Ocean Earth Wind Fire: 203 Bethel Rd., Spring City, PA

Poly-vagal theory & EMDR-Rituals for psyche-boundary building & maintenance. A collaboration with Suzanne Fisher, LCSW

 3 Pennsylvania MFT, SW, LPC, & Psychologist CEUs available 


Holly Tree: “Stand beneath the Holly Moon, holding a sprig of holly if available, and meditate in the illuminating light of the Moon on steps you should take to overcome challenges in your own life…” (Llewellyns Witches’ Datebook 2021) Integrate the powers of left and right brain Mobilize and strengthen the body-psyche connection Harness archetypal connection to persistent Hope through deep communion with the Holly Tree.   Empower your efforts with support of the Full Blessing Moon.   Create space and clarity in your caretaking roles Embody the wisdom of Science, Soul & Compassionate Presence

Join Suzanne Fisher, LCSW and me for for a unique, experiential offering empowered by the Full Blessing Moon of July and supported by the Holly Tree: a Celtic symbol representing connection to hope in difficult times.

Burn out from care-taking—whether it be family, partners, or as a member of the service industry is a real and true thing.

  • How do you protect your divine Soul from this experience in a sustainable way?
  • How can you ritualize a supportive practice and stick with it?
  • How can you blend the majick of EMDR/AIP science with your Soul’s unique Knowledge?

This offering will provide participants education on the science behind the poly-vagal theory (Stephen Porges) and an experiential somatic session including easily accessible, teachable, quick & dependable “body-hacks” to adjust one’s own vagal state.

Attendees will learn how the vagus nerve supports the science behind the Adaptive Information Processing Model and how the primal practice of bi-lateral movement (right/left) creates a state of relaxation to better access adaptive information that comes from within.

This education will culminate in a group journaling and reSourcing meditative practice which will result in the creation of their own psyche-shield woven with the support of bi-lateral movement, Holly tree Hope, and full moon blessings.


$139 without CEU's  or $159 with CEU's

Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy (Lic. #004115) is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors to offer continuing education for social workers, marriage and family therapists and professional counselors. Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy (Lic. # PSY000215) is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology to offer continuing education for psychologists. Phoenix Center for Experiential Trauma Therapy maintains responsibility for the program.



Self-Care Group

Give yourself the gift of self-care.  Are you finding it hard to balance life responsibilities with self-care? Have you learned tools for self-care and are having a hard time implementing them? Do you find group support and accountability helpful? Give yourself the gift of this 6 week group.  Monday nights from 6:30-8. This group is for any adult 18 and up looking to learn new skills or refine the ones they have. This is a closed group. Group is not currently running as of 2021.  

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Creating your own self-care wheel and seeing where you need more balance
  • Mind-body practices such as mindfulness, yoga and breath work
  • Boundaries and assertiveness
  • Journaling and inspirational readings
  • Basic nutrition and sleep hygiene
  • Support and circle work
  • Laughter and creativity

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1:45 pm-5:30 pm


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